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At STRING our goal is to ease the growing pains of transition into the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) for innovative businesses looking to move forward.By aggregating existing IOT products into a single custom package we provide our clients more efficient solutions. We do this by developing custom user platforms ready to integrate with any product to provide a one stop shop IOT solution for businesses.

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Partnering with STRING will allow you to seamlessly embrace the digital era on your doorstep. Our bespoke digital solutions designed for your business will not only assist in transitioning your business but also unlock the exponential growth that technology has to offer. We will make the Internet of Things (IoT)understandable so you can revolutionize your business and ultimately work towards increasing your profitability.

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Smart Farming

Smart Farming is a concept of farming management using modern Information and Communication Technologies to increase the quantity and quality of products.STRING is developing a range of solutions called SMART FARM to aidfarmers in optimizing agricultural processes. To optimize the farming process,SMART FARM devices collect and process data that enables farmers to quicklyreact to emerging issues and changes in conditions. The SMART FARM products aredesigned to improve productivity, decision making and prediction processes.

Smart Energy

At STRING we believe that energy is the heart and sole of any home or business. Understanding this energy distribution is the key to a more efficient environment. The STRING Smart Energy products are designed to assist clients in understanding their energy footprint. This includes aspects like monitoring usage, controlling equipment and generating green energy, enabling you to take control of your energy system. These solutions can be applied to residential, industrial or commercial environments.

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